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Top 10 Blackjack Game Sites

Casino Room
1 $20000 us Vegas Technology
2 $888 us Real Time Gaming
3 $1000 us Real Time Gaming
4 $5000 us Vegas Technology
5 $7777 us Real Time Gaming
6 $2000 us Real Time Gaming
7 $1000 us Playtech
8 $4000 us Real Time Gaming
9 $3200 us Playtech
10 $3000 us Real Time Gaming

Online casinos have been a playing ground for gamblers all over the world who may or may not have access to real time casinos and casino games very often and Blackjack is the most popular casino card game all over the world. With the rise of online casinos,casino night the game has become even more popular in the form of online blackjack. As many would already know, it is also known as 21 because of the importance of the number in the game. In any form of blackjack, be it online blackjack on an online best online casino or live blackjack, a player is required to get as close to 21 with his cards as possible. If a player goes over 21 then they bust or lose, a win is when a player makes 21 and the dealer either busts or can not make 21. As you would gather, blackjack is a game where you play against the dealer and not against other players so the only hands that matter to you are the dealer’s and yours. Face cards are for ten points while all other cards have points equal to their face value. The Aces can be taken as 1 or 11 depending on the cards in one’s hand. One of the oldest UK online casino brand is back with new slots games. The French-language version of the Rock Bet casino offers lots of great games! Additionally, it packs a genuine punch when it comes to promotional deals!

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In both live casinos and online casinos a blackjack player must make good choices in order to make money from the game. A useful tip for a novice player is that taking insurance is most of the times not a good idea in any form of blackjack. This is because the payout from the insurance is equal to your original bet and if the dealer does holds blackjack then you loses your hand and you are at even money. Looking for new bingo sites? Get to Dotty Bingo, the odds against you winning the insurance bet are high. It has been shown statistically that out of a 1000 times, you will lose an insurance bet 982 times which means that you end up losing more than you originally should have. If you are a beginner at blackjack then it would be advisable for you to seek online tutorials about how to play online blackjack and reading material for the game which will help you learn certain fail safe tricks in order to ensure that you do not lose much early on. Looking to play free online poker? Visit Piggs Peak Poker now. Do you love to play progressive slots games like Cleopatra's Gold? Go to the new portal!

In addition to blackjack and online blackjack, there are other games that one can play in casinos, be it real time or online. One of the most popular casino games in the world is poker which is played by millions the world over. Roulette and online bingo are another common casino and bingo game which has large number of subscribers from over the world. While both poker and roulette can be played at real time casinos, for those who do not have access to them, online casinos offer these games in two different environments. The one environment uses random number generators while the other is known as live online casino which provides a live feed of a casino and the games are conducted by a dealer interacting with the players via a live feed.

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